Political Hectares

Extreme economic differences, racial thinking, uneven chances of education and work, as well as corruption split the South African society. Even 25 years after the end of Apartheid many questions remain open, major problems unsolved. Perhaps the biggest: The Land-question. Who is allowed to farm it, who can call it their home? People demand a radical land-reform. The white minority who makes up for only 8.5% of the South African population owns 73% of the total agriculturally used land. Far- left political parties like the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and Black Land First (BLF) demand expropriation of farmland without compensation.They want reparation for the suffering during the apartheid regime. The ANC also makes expropriation without compensation part of their political agenda. The boer landowners feel threatened, isolate themselves from society and radicalize. No one wants to compromise. Quite the opposite. Conflict between black and white rises. Attacks on farmer and their land occur.